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your tears are
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[29 Mar 2005|07:24pm]
time for an update, nothings going on really went on a cruise to the bahammas on srping break burned my skin to a crisp not cute. now its peeling all over the place its a real mess. i hung out with graham everyday this weekend really sweet i had fun and my aunt is becoming alot better. school sucks how usual and ive only been back a day. my uncles real cool now i like him not that i ever disliked him but yeah. lifes good right now.
6__ ahh.

[16 Feb 2005|09:22am]
live journal is being gay and i never really update this too much. i saw rosie on friday and i met ariel and shes pretty cool but i gave rosie her b-day present i hope she liked it. valentines day was yesterday and that was pretty cute. i got a rose and a cookie cake and braclets he made me i like them. sadie hawkins was saturday and that was gay for the most part and i took graham. people get in fights for the stupidest reasons. half way through it graham, ashbey, and i went to her house which was way more fun than the dance. my aunt let me go to waco with graham for a weekend and i got to spend the night it was pretty cool. i got an "im a pepper" shirt which is pretty sweet.
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12__ ahh.

[18 Jan 2005|05:17pm]
so on friday i went over to grahams and hung out, watched tv, and stuff then i went home. on saturday i went to see the aviator with graham and that was fun even though the movie was really kind of odd but oh well. then hung out somemore afterwards. onn sunday i woke up at 9 30 and went to church with graham and then hung out till 12 that night whcih was pretty awesome. then yesterday i woke up sat around for like and hour then my aunt and uncle wanted to go out to eat like a family so we all went to cheddars then to get the car washed and so i was suppost to see white noise with rosie later that day but she realized she had rehersal. silly girl. but anyway i saw graham yet agian which is awesome cause i usually never get to see him and i saw him every day this week end and yesterday was 3 months and im really happy. kay. bye.
11__ ahh.

[10 Jan 2005|09:36am]
so i went back to school last thurday and i have new classes and i dont like them. i had dance this morning and i dont want to go anymore and i have to go everyday this week at 7 in the morning and it sucks. my cousin came last week and she was fun. we didnt do alot but she left yesterday. saturday was natalies birthday party it was fun for the most part. i havent seen graham that much lately but i saw him friday for a little while so i guess its okay. oh well. im really bored and nothing is going on in my life. so end.
2__ ahh.

[02 Jan 2005|01:33pm]
havent done much lateley. i was suppost to go to the mall yesterday with some people but i ended up not going which was fine. today im going to seemy friend katie from camp. pretty fun. last week i hung out with graham alot then he went to florida this week. i met his friend ben and he was cool. i went to see meet the fockers with natalie it was really funny. new years was boring i was first supost to do something with paige then her dad wouldnt let her so then i was going to go to nats but then her mom was sick so she said no so i ended up home alone again on a holiday. just like on christmas where i was hom alone most of the day cause my mom was 6 hours late picking me up then i got to go to her firends house and watch tv alone in herliving room while they talked for 4 hours. really awesome. but not really. but i got a cell phone for christmas. so i was happy. the number is 469 835 6236. its cool. kay. end.
6__ ahh.

[21 Dec 2004|08:14pm]
okay. so yesterday went to paiges then we went to the mall where we found ashbey. walked with her for a while. fun. then she left and i got a smoothie then we went back to her house and played ddr until i had to go. then i came home. today. went to the mall with rosie saw a whole bunch of people. we met up with sarah cally or excuse me "cali" walked by her mom is nice. the chadbournes and lots of other people were there. i took pictures and now rosie is spending the night.

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24__ ahh.

[17 Dec 2004|11:11pm]
okay so i never update this anymore but it always messes up when i try. gay. today i hung out with graham all day today and we went christmas shopping. fun. yesterday i went to maddys after school with paige and nat. it was okay. i think they all hate me but hey who cares. last weekend i went to maddys also with like 5 people. did nothing. how cute. but ive been hanging out with graham lateley and i like it alot. finals were this week and i failed the math one but i dont care and theater class is over and i liked that class because of the teacher and like the people and stuff. what a shame. we have 3 weeks off i like it. kayz.
2__ ahh.

[05 Dec 2004|07:43pm]
this is the 5th timeive tried to update this. i dont see why its being dumb but anyway. i lost alot of trust in someone this weekend. i also realized that i think i have a best friend. who i think is mad at me and i dont know why.anyway. friday. i also had a bad day. i hate teachers and grades. but after school i went to mocking bird station with paige. she made the day alot better. yesterday i saw finding never land. thats a good movie. i like it alot. today i hung out with graham. i had fun. today is maddys birthday. happy birthday.
1__ ahh.

[02 Dec 2004|10:17pm]
this week was intranurals at school or something. it was fun i guess. we had to go to school on wednesday but i got to go to grahams after so it was okay. thanksgiving wasnt that great i had to be with my aunt and uncle all day i didnt enjoy that then paige couldnt even come over. not cute. today i went to rosies and we watched harry potter and i like that movie. we also watched young frankenstien and ive never seen that and it was pretty good. i miss rosie. tomorrow im going to church with graham and then im hanging out with him how fun.
ps. im tired of bitches who are two faced and think they know things.
21__ ahh.

[19 Nov 2004|11:23am]
my aunt and cousin came i my cousin wasnt as bad as i thought he was. friday me my cousin and rosie went to mocking brid station and graham showed up which was good. we walked around and my cousin got some pillow in urban outfitters then we all left. on saturday i woke up at 1 and my famly abandoned me and i didnt leave the house all day and then that night my everyone except my cousin and i went to a wedding so i just hung with my cousin which was ok. on sunday i went to church with graham at like 10 in the morning and then my mom came and got me at like 7 and we went shopping. then she took me home and i said bye to my cousin and other family and then they left. this week i went to school and we have today off and im going to paiges. cause shes cute.
25__ ahh.

[11 Nov 2004|08:19pm]
last weekend i went to the jesuit game on friday and i hate those and i got even sicker from it but o well. on saturday i went to the shift cd release party then to ihop it was cool. on sunday i went out to eat with my mom but thats all. today my aunt and cousins came and i have to hang out with them all weekend and i have nothing to do so i think were going to sit here and watch movies which wont be that great o well. its good cause i get to miss school tomorrow and i had a huge test.
4__ ahh.

[04 Nov 2004|09:44pm]
last week was homecoming. i saw graham all weekend i liked that. homecoming was fun we ate at cafe express and then the homecoming was at the world trade center. it was fun. this is really late. friday was the resonance show and i think they did better than they thought they did. o well. saturday i went with my mom to the mall how fun. then this week i was sick all week and i still am and our dining room is being painted and so the fumes are making me have a head ache. oh and im really tired of this whole bush kerry shit.
2__ ahh.

[27 Oct 2004|04:09pm]
i lost my fucking lap top.
5__ ahh.

[25 Oct 2004|05:11pm]
i have realized i never really update this anymore but o well. last sunday i went to the fair with graham and it was fun. i rode the ferris wheel i hated it. its too tall. last week did nothing. we had friday off and we were suppost to go to jesuit then i didnt have a ride so i slept in. then sarahs mom came and got me around 4. we went out to eat at el fenix then back to her house and julia came and we played sims 2. on saturday julias mom took us to adrians and then we went grahams when he left. then on sunday grahams mom came and got me at like 2 and we went to his house and we watched donnie darko. then we met my aunt at starbucks that was akward.
2__ ahh.

[16 Oct 2004|02:45pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

yesterday i went to the fair with paige and i saw graham but i felt like odd and unwanted cause all these pople were there and im pretty sure they all hated me and i hate that feeling so i felt like shit the rest of the day. yeah i felt like i was being like laughed at all day and i didnt even know the people but whatever. me and paige rode the tilt a whirl 9 times and the guy gave us a free ride. it was good i guess.i saw rosie and that made me really happy. i miss her alot. then me and paige went to the bl homecoming game with sarah. i like going to bl games. paige started a fight with cally and callys friend and it was pretty funny. sarah and cally were like fighting verbally and it was dumb but really funny. i saw ashlee i miss her too. i saw ellen and brandi and everyone and they are really nice and cool. then we went to sarahs house and we spent the night and that was fun. today i am at paiges house and we are going to some dance or something with her friend.

8__ ahh.

[08 Oct 2004|02:16pm]
ive been in a bad mood lately dont know why exactly. anyway so im going to the bright eyes show today and i hope its ok. i hate the feeling when you think people hate you and stuff. all these people i know im like great they hate me. and i dont know if they do or not. yeah o well. ok since i seem to always update about my weekend last weekend i hung out with graham adrian and julia on saturday cause my mom lets me and shes nice. then on sunday i went to sarahs and we just sat there really. o well gave me something to do i guess. this week was dumb and yeah so nothing happened. this is a pontless entry sorry.
2__ ahh.

[01 Oct 2004|10:47am]
[ mood | infuriated ]

i hate my fucking aunt

im not alloweed to spend the night with julia for at least 3 months cause they found my stupid dart ticket. i really wish my aunt was the one dieing of cancer my uncle barley cared he was actually nice and once hes gone ill be screwed. i dont want to live here anymore i want to live with my mom her smellyness and all i dont even care i love her so much. my whole fucking life im going to be treated like im 5 i seriously just want to fucking kill her i have no love for her at all. anyway im going to the fair tody should be fun i guess i dont know.
9__ ahh.

[29 Sep 2004|09:09am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

yeah so last weekend i went to the carnival and it was fun yeah. brandi was there and shes really coool so was rgaham hes cool too. then i went with julia to a show radosny i think they were good. we went to insomnia again and i was happy cause i got that drink thing again but julia drank like almost all of it and it was a huge cup. so then julia, napia, adrian me and graham all rode the dart home and napias mom dropped me julia and graham at the other adrians house and i had fun there. we stayed there till like 2,and julia got in trouble. then on sunday i went with julia to watch shift mix thier ep thing. it was fun but my aunt got mad cause um i didnt tell her i was leaving julias house and she didnt approve of the people there and there were guys there god shes so dumb and shes pissing me off. on firday im going to the fair with either megan or paige i have to pick between them and its dumb but whatever. and in lunch today a senior told me i was adoreable and that i looked like a marc jacobs model. i was like ok.

4__ ahh.

[21 Sep 2004|12:30pm]
this weekend was boring. on friday i went to the bl game with sarah and that was boring then on saturday i went to no where and then on sunday i went to the science place with my mom and that wasnt that fun. some weird people were there. then yesterday was boring too and today i have no money for lunch and im really hungry. plus someone is mad at me and im not mad at them and it makes me sad so now i have like no one to sit with at lunch but its dumb anyway. im excited for saturday to come cause its the carnival woot. o well.

football gameCollapse )
11__ ahh.

[13 Sep 2004|01:50pm]
so this weekend was fun. i went to the shift show thing and it was awesome. i met like 290839 people. i met graham. yay. i also met taylor and she is really aweosme. we walked down to insomnia and i got a immortal scotsman to drink and it was good. yes. then we walked back and we sat there while everyone left to go bowling. so we waited for julias dad to pick us up and he was like lost and i felt bad. while we were waiting me and taylor got hugged by a hott drummer so now were so cool. then when julias dad did pick us up we got to go to the bowling thing it was fuuun. and then we went to her house and slpet. on sunday i went to like grapefest or something with my mom and i got over heated and i fainted and got really sick. it sucked. then today we have school and no one else does so im mad.
3__ ahh.

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